The Volunteer Corp is a Lagos State Government initiative to encourage Lagosians to participate and be involved in their own government. We seek to promote the use of short, medium and long term volunteering to support the development agenda of Lagos State and put her in the fore of achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals over the next decade.


The Lagos State Volunteer Corp (Team Lagos) as a platform will address the following:
  • The gaps in essential service delivery
  • Provide an opportunity for people to give back to the society
  • Build positive community relations
  • Improve employability prospects of youths through job experience


Who can Volunteer?

Online Volunteering allows the government tap into a wide range of skills and expertise, opening a door to:

  • Students
  • Diaspora (volunteer from anywhere)
  • Retirees
  • People who are actively engaged in the labor market but wish to contribute to a meaningful cause while pursuing a demanding career.
  • Particularly accessible to people with disabilities, who might otherwise have been excluded from such engagement.

How it works?

Sign Up

Sign up to register or log in if registered, either as an individual or an organisation. This allows you volunteer and/or create projects.

Team Lagos

Let the world know you are now a part of the winning team, #TeamLagos by sharing your badge with your network on whatsapp and other social media platforms you belong to

Suggest a Project

Suggesting a project is easy. Simply select your preferred goal and targets from the SDGs and complete the steps