Saheed Saliu


Saheed Saliu Profile
  • University of Lagos, BSc Urban and Regional Planning (2015)

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Saheed Saliu Experience
  • • Provide GIS support to Geo-reference infrastructure data for development (GRID3) project in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). • Cleaned, verified and validated GPS coordinates of health areas for five provinces of DRC • Assisted with evaluating the GIS proficiency of applicants for the position of GIS advisor, provincial coordinator, and field mappers for GRID3 DRC, also GIS consultant for GRID3 Ethiopia, Sierra Leona, and Burkina Faso. • Monitoring and Evaluation; Assessment on Use of GRID3 Geospatial Data to Improve Access to Vaccination Programs in Nigeria • Responsible for the digital mapping, spatial analysis and other GIS support on projects done for World Health Organization Centre for Geographic Information System through Dev-Global.


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