We believe by collaborating together, we would achieve more than our individual efforts standing alone.

Why we need you
  • By joining us, you will be helping us facilitate an effective mechanism to foster support and complement the state provision of essential services across a number of sectors.
  • Together, we will create opportunities for wider participation in development processes and increase the depth and breadth of civic engagement
  • With you on our side, we would reach out more to the otherwise marginalized and excluded, which will positively influence the qualitative outcomes of service delivery

Why you should volunteer
  • Volunteering helps you connect with others, as you participate in community driven projects, you get to meet like minded people and grow your network in a fun way beneficial to all. It is a two-way street, as you help others through your participation, you also get help from others through their participation.
  • You will acquire experience and increase your productive capacity as you volunteer for projects. This in turn makes you more attractive to prospective employers and increase your chances of gainful employment.
  • The net effect of your volunteering is a better Lagos, the sense of pride and ownership that comes from knowing you were an active part of this fosters your self worth and enhances quality of life for all in general

Who should Volunteer


How to Volunteer

Quite easy and simple, simply register or log in and follow the steps…, you will be on your way to joining the winning team, #TeamLagos

Our Latest Volunteers

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Fathia Disu

/ Joined Feb 24

Olamide Shadeko

/ Joined Feb 24

BlessIng Elebe

/ Joined Feb 24

Mary Samuel

/ Joined Feb 24

Precious Osokoya

/ Joined Feb 24

Blessing Cliff

/ Joined Feb 24

Emmanuel Okocha

/ Joined Feb 24

Isaiah Nwokpor

/ Joined Feb 24

Praise Stevens

/ Joined Feb 24

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